Atelier Nuno is an award-winning architectural practice

focused on creating imaginative everyday spaces

crafted to the needs and ambition of every project.







"A Different Medical School"

NowTV design documentary featuring

the HKUMed renovation.






World Architecture Community Award

HKU Li Ka Shing Medical School design

won the prestigious World Architecture Award (33rd Cycle)

in the Interior Design category. 





South China Morning Post

"In Hong Kong there's a lot of importance placed in retail and hospitality spaces, while everyday places like schools and clinics are overlooked."




The Stand News

"If we don't try new things and set new precedence, people won't know what is possible."




Interior Design Magazine

"The resulting design is divided into visually-stimulating, interactive environments, each with its own distinctively colored zone where the students can comfortably meet, socialize, and study in style."





Ming Pao

"The success of our methodology lies in the way we  understand our clients in order to provide unique and tailor-made solutions that respond to their needs."





The Stand News

Nuno was invited to participate in a discussion on Stand News about the upcoming building by late Dame Zaha Hadid and Hong Kong's architecture scene.




HK Economic Journal

"Question, question and question,

not follow, follow and follow."

Atelier Nuno HKEJ



"In Hong Kong there is a constant struggle for space, so I took this opportunity to offer as much space as possible to students by creating a gathering hub that serves the medical campus."


Frame Magazine

"The COVID-19 crisis makes a case

for the reimagined learning space."


Canadian Interiors

"The ordinary materials is meant to emphasize the everyday possibilities and, in an academic context, to suggest that all students have the means to succeed."

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