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Tai Kwun
Heritage Exhibition:
Gender & Space

Reflecting Spaces & Oneself



Tai Kwun

Total Area



Hong Kong, China


Vivien Liu

Atelier Nuno Tai Kwun

Wayfinding Within The Heritage Site

The exhibition adopts a gender lens to revisit the first hundred years of history of the Central Police Station compound, from 1841 to 1941.

A series of colorful light boxes guide visitors from the outdoors towards the basement floor where the exhibition is located.   

Atelier Nuno Tai Kwun

Exhibition Entrance

The "Gender & Space" key visual is a double layered full height light box marking the entrance of the exhibition. 

Atelier Nuno Tai Kwun

Mirrored Walls


Mirror is used as the predominant material throughout the exhibition as a way for visitors to self reflect. 


Atelier Nuno Tai Kwun

Stories of Invisible Women

The stories of gender roles are uncovered through photos, architectural drawings and text within the interior of the circular rooms. 

Atelier Nuno Tai Kwun

Images of Sex Workers

Large scaled images bring forward the rarely mentioned stories and identities of sex workers and allow visitors to engage with these hanging white fabrics.

Atelier Nuno Tai Kwun

A 3-Meter Tall Mirrored Structure

At the center of the exhibition hall is a three meter tall rectangular form with mirrored surfaces that invite visitors to walk to the top platform through a series of ramps. 

Atelier Nuno Tai Kwun

Main Exhibition Hall

Previously used as a gymnasium used by men, this double-height space becomes the main exhibition hall celebrating women's roles. The design aims to be inclusive, by visually connecting visitors standing on the ground floor, top platform and balcony above.

Atelier Nuno Tai Kwun

A Vertical & Uplifting Experience

As visitors ascend along the ramps leading to the top platform, visitors can experience and appreciate the impressive scale of this heritage space. 

Atelier Nuno Tai Kwun

A 360 Journey

The spiralling carpeted floor and leather handrail with downlighting create an inviting and reflective journey. 

Atelier Nuno Tai Kwun

Gender Salon

At the end of the exhibition is the "Gender Salon" located at the upper deck. This inclusive space is dedicated to community engagement and workshops, in hopes to expand the conversation of gender roles and issues to a wider audience.  

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