Partner's In Health Hospital





Partner's In Health [PIH] 


Mirebalais, Haiti

Partner's In Health has planned for a new hospital to be constructed within the lush landscape of Mirebalais, Haiti. Our proposed scheme aims to integrate the variety of hospital spaces with the outdoor environment to benefit the healing process.

In designing for healthcare, our most important consideration was to compartmentalise the public, semi-public and private areas into distinctive zones, critical for sanitary control. Given a 2-storey building height limit, we organised all public spaces on the ground floor and all private spaces on the floor above.

To maximize transparency with the outdoors, public areas (lobbies, corridors, and canteen) exist within interconnected organically shaped glass volumes. The private spaces (surgical rooms, wards, offices, washrooms) are each contained in a distinct enclosed volume separated from one another.

By architecturally superposing of the two floors, semi-private areas (hospital reception and waiting lounges) exist within interstitial spaces and four vertical circulation connect the two realms together. Here, all users can enjoy abundant natural daylight from the skylights and views to the surrounding landscape.

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