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Partners in Health
Haiti Hospital




Partners in Health (PIH)


Concept Design


Mirebalais, Haiti




Compartmentalising Private & Public Spaces

in a Human-Centred Hospital

Atelier Nuno
Atelier Nuno

Rectangular Clinical Spaces

Above Organic Public Spaces

In re-thinking healthcare spaces within a two-storey building, Nuno compartmentalised the public and private areas into two distinctive floors, critical for sanitary control. 


All public spaces are organised within organic volumes on the ground floor, and in contrast, all private spaces are enclosed in rectilinear volumes on the second floor.

Atelier Nuno

Bringing Daylight into the Building

Natural light provides significant benefits to wellness. With this in mind, the design brings light into the internal core of the hospital, in addition to the perimeter. A continuous skylight weaving through the building allows sunlight to penetrate the entire area, including the public ground floor. 


Atelier Nuno

Four Staircases

Connecting the two distinctively different floors are four internal volumes made up of staircases and elevators.

On the second floor, private clinical spaces are connected by circulation corridors.

Atelier Nuno

Transparent Ground Floor

The open and organic spaces on the ground floor allow users to feel calm and connected with the surrounding natural environment while they seek medical attention. 

Atelier Nuno

A Welcoming Entrance

All visitors enter the hospital through transparent organic volumes where they can see across the entire floor. The entrance space connects to a pharmacy, canteen and art gallery.  

Atelier Nuno

Fluid Spaces

After passing through the entrance, visitors can step into a double-storey reception lounge, the largest open space in the building. Here, they can relax in the natural light while awaiting their appointments.

Atelier Nuno

Quiet In-between Spaces

The long landing platforms in the internal staircases offer a resting space between the two floors for doctors and staff to pause and relax. 

Bright Medical Top Floor

With a wide and continuous skylight throughout the second floor, the abundant natural light between the enclosed medical spaces can provide significant benefits to patients and their recovery process. 

Atelier Nuno
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