La Rôtisserie Flagship




La Rôtisserie Group


Hong Kong, China


Edmon Leong

La Rôtisserie is a Hong Kong–based French chicken-takeaway brand with several locations. For their new flagship store, the client wished for the design to be consistent with the brand’s existing material palette while intensifying the visual identity.


We introduced a new material—a custom black-painted mesh—to complement La Rotisserie’s industrial aesthetic, which relies predominantly on rusted metal, black-painted metal, white tiles and concrete. The transparent mesh integrates textural, visual and functional qualities in the space, acting as a unifying, connective tissue.

The superposition of mesh on rusted metal on the exterior façade strengthens the brand’s presence, introducing up-lighting on the top signage board and allowing menus to be hung facing the street. Inside, mesh affixed to the concrete wall allows for shelving and becomes a backdrop to showcase the brand’s business values. Finally, mesh wrapping the base of the fully openable glass façade provides intimacy in the permanent outdoor seating area.

new logo.jpg