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Main Lobby

A White Space for Medicine  


The University of Hong Kong (HKU)

Total Area


Lighting Consultant

Tino Kwan Lighting Consultants


Hong Kong, China


Edmon Leong

A Gathering Space

When Nuno first visited the HKUMed, he noticed a lack of social spaces on campus and saw an opportunity to bring people together on campus and to encourage new ways of relating to the environment, inside and out.

At the heart of the lobby, Nuno introduced a wooden seating platform to slow down movement in this high-traffic space that also encourages social interactions. 

A White Space for Medicine

To create a space unique to the faculty, Nuno was drawn to a white finish for the interior for white's association with the medical profession.

Metal Panels Shaped by Gravity

The ceiling design is composed of one to three layers of suspended 0.8mm perforated aluminum white powder-coated panels where the drooping curvatures are defined by gravity. 

Like a Cloud

Nuno wanted to catch the light with a design that fills the space and that engages with the human scale. As light permeates into the cloud, the metal volumes appear both white and solid, and both dark and transparent, drawing attention to the changes over the course of the day. 

Warm Circulation Spaces

The choice of reddish Nordic Beech wood for the walls, steps and handrails together with stepped lighting adds warmth to the below ground circulation spaces. 

Curved Walls as Sundials

The curved walls, reception desk and ceiling reflect the changing natural light.

The Right Lighting for the Right Time

As the sun sets, the LED lights glow more warmly, gradually intensifying and ultimately filling the space.

The New Face of HKUMed

The dramatic but playful architecture offers a new landmark that embodies the school's values and becomes the new gathering space for it's community. 

Learn more about Nuno's
design process behind this project.


Before, During and After


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