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Westmount Park
Public Clinic

A Walk in the Park


The City of Westmount


Concept Design


Montreal, Canada

Atelier Nuno
Atelier Nuno

A Glass Pavilion

The pavilion is a 70 meters long structure with two entrances open to everyone on both ends. At the centre is the public clinic with the reception on one side and the enclosed clinical spaces on the opposite.


Atelier Nuno

A Walk in the Park

All visitors enter the enclosed yet transparent pavilion with glass on either side, allowing visitors to feel fully connected to the park while heading towards the clinic located at the centre.  

Atelier Nuno

The Clinic

Upon arriving at the clinic, visitors may choose to either continue strolling back to the outdoors or enter the clinic's reception lounge.

Atelier Nuno

Calming Anxieties with Nature

At the centre, spaces open outwards organically, allowing patients to lounge while awaiting medical attention. 


By creating a visible public clinic within Westmount Park, the pavilion aims to calm and soothe one's journey to medical attention through full immersion in nature.

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