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HKU Information Technology Services Head Office

Town Hall


The University of Hong Kong 

Total Area



Hong Kong, China


Vivien Liu

Atelier Nuno
Atelier Nuno

Communal Lounge

The ITS office is organised around a communal lounge located at the centre and designed to bring staff together to socialise, gather and eat.

Atelier Nuno

Rational Organisation for Maximum Efficiency

Rows of work desks are laid out in perfect parallel within the carpeted area allowing for efficient circulation all around. 

Atelier Nuno

Unique Lighting &

Acoustics Solutions

To control noise within an open space, rectangular lanterns with felt acoustic underside are designed to absorb sound and provide quality lighting directly above the work desks.

Atelier Nuno

Meeting Room with Foldable Doors

Meeting rooms equipped with the latest AV/IT technologies provide the ideal environment efficient and dynamic meetings. The fully operable foldable glass doors allow for larger groups to gather for special events and announcements.

Atelier Nuno

Designed For Wellbeing

A long bar table facing the windows allow users to work and dine while enjoying the outdoor views and natural daylight. 

Atelier Nuno

Adding Colors to Workplaces

The brightness and color of the lanterns may be dimmed and adjusted accordingly.

Atelier Nuno

Customisable Moods & Ambiance

A variety of light settings allow users to customise the mood of the office, offering creative ways for the team to appropriate the space for parties and events.

Atelier Nuno

Soundproof Rooms

Discrete and sound proof phone booths offer users a quiet space for long conversations. 

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