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A "Bioscape" Learning Playground


The University of Hong Kong 

Total Area



Hong Kong, China


Edmon Leong


A Learning Playground For Future Doctors

Inspired by the fluidity of organic forms, Nuno imagined a fun and colorful playground for future doctors to work, relax and socialize.

Atelier Nuno
Atelier Nuno

Organic White Table for Collaboration

The varying curved geometry of the forty-seat table offers opportunities for individual working, one-on-one interactions and group meetings under large white globes. 

Atelier Nuno

Blue Lounge for Relaxing

Designed for relaxing by the sea view, the curving, double-sided sofa in deep blue provides comfortable and flexible seating accessible throughout the open space. 

Atelier Nuno

Bean-Shape Mound for Gathering

Shaped like a bean, the steps provide an informal setting for ad-hoc talks and group gatherings. 

Atelier Nuno

Park-Like Conference Theatre

A theatre with organic clusters of chairs distributed across a soft green carpet that gently slopes upward allows users to lie down, relax and gather flexibly. 

Movies at Night

While lectures and presentations occur during the day, users at night can watch movies while lying down on the soft sloped floor.  

Atelier Nuno
Atelier Nuno

Fluid and Colorful

With walls cladded in reflective stainless-steel panels together with the unique lighting, the overall space offers a playful and dynamic working environment for students to work from day to night. 

Atelier Nuno

Dimmable Lights for Meetings

and Celebrations

More than one thousand dimmable white globes populate the visually continuous ceiling above four glazed meeting rooms, which are partitioned to adjust for group work as well as parties. 

Atelier Nuno

Open and Transparent

Like any playground, the large open space allows users to see one another performing different activities, which promotes interaction and collaboration. 

An Animated Playground

Designed as a 24-hour space, the interior transforms at night. Hand-curved glass tube lights unify the different zones into a dynamic working environment that encourages exploration, interaction and discovery.  

Atelier Nuno

Learn more about Nuno's
design process behind this project.

Before, During and After

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