Welcome to Nuno's atelier.  

This is his studio where he creates imaginative designs for everyday spaces to enrich lives and improve the ways we live, work, learn and play.


He believes architects work like chefs—he is inspired by the ingredients of each project. His process begins with understanding the usersspace and brand. Nuno then strives to empower and celebrate them in every design.  

His meticulously ground-up approach delivers thoughtful and distinctive spaces for every client. 

Intrigued? Discover more about Nuno's design process on our YouTube channel: 

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In 2020, Nuno won the acclaimed World Architecture Award for The University of Hong Kong Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine's main lobby and caught the attention of international and local media. 


Winner of the World Architecture Community Awards 33rd Cycle.

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TVB featured the award-winning HKUMed project.

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"Architects award-winning redesign of University of Hong Kong medical school lobby throws away convention."

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"Make no mistake. Local firm wins the World Architecture Award together with Zaha Hadid."

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Celebrity Do Do Cheng invited Nuno on her talk show to learn about his designs and views on the latest trends.

口水多過浪花: 我係你老師

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"A great addition to Hong Kong's public architecture."

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Now TV produces a documentary feature titled

"A Different Medical School".


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The American Institute of Architects hosted guided tours of HKUMed. 

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